Quick chat with @psycholotea

Q: What made you interested in psychology and which was the first psychology book you liked a lot? A: What made me interested in psychology was an experience I had in high school. I used to have a best friend who stole a guy from me. We had been dating a few weeks but I wasn’t sure if I liked enough him yet and she was like “he’s so handsome if you don’t want him im gonna steal him from you” and she literally did and I just couldn’t believe one of my own best friends would do something like that. The question “how could someone i love do something like that to me?” I questioned what pushes or drives people to act or behave certain ways, and I was hooked onto behavioral psychology. I’ve read a few psychology books but my favorite one was from my social psychology class, the book is literally called social psychology and it was one of my favorite classes so I ended up reading the whole book on my own.

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